Student Admission 

Student Admission

Those who have reached the age of 4 and are under the age of 16 (from kindergarten to the third grade of junior high school in Japan) as of April 1st can enroll if the child has the necessary Japanese scholastic ability to study in each grade.

If you would like to enroll in our school, please fill out the required fields on the forms below and send it to us by mail or email. In addition, please bring the original forms when you first come to school.

Please contact us by email for additional details.


* A separate teaching material (workbooks) fee may be required.


If you decide to withdraw from school, please fill out the "Notice of Withdrawal" below and submit it to the President.

Please also contact your homeroom teacher to let them know that you will be leaving school.

Absence/Prolonged Absence

In the event of an absence, please consult with your homeroom teacher about handouts and/or homework.

If your absence will be greater than a month, please submit the form below to the President: